Pu Cunxin: I Am Still Young and Want to Be One of the Beijing Winter Olympics Volunteers

On September 26, the first Nanjing Youth Festival opened. Representative of UNESCO, the Nobel Prize winner, famous actors all gathered in Nanjing and talked with youth from all over the globe. On the opening ceremony, Member of Provincial Standing Committee and the municipal party secretary Huang Lixin and the mayor of Nanjing Miao Ruilin, together with guests, “planted” the tree of youth.It is reported that Youth Festival will be rooted in Nanjing and held every two years, creating a platform for communication among youth.

Pu Cunxin Talks to Youth: Being Responsible, Passionate, Diligent and Creative

“I am the right person to be invited to the forum.” In the introduction, Pu Cunxin, whose original home in Nanjing Lishui, talked in a humorous way, “I am 62 years old, according to the standard of United Nations, people below 65 are all youth.”

Pu Cunxin shared about his story that he had polio when he was young. It was sports that saved his life and made him a decent actor today.

When talking about his understanding about the theme of the forum “ Youth Need to Combine for the Construction of World”, his answer was “Responsibility”. In his opinion, it was not difficult to be responsible, and it was a way of life and interest. “If all of us become transmitters of culture and art lovers, this city will become beautiful with stages and sports stadiums.” He suggested that he wanted to contribute to the development of his hometown. Some time ago, he was involved in a tourism propaganda film for Lishui. “What a young man needs is passion, curiosity, diligence and creativity.” He compared life as the Yangtze River, which originates from Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. “The river at my age almost reaches Nanjing. But I want to go further and stay young.”

“I will strive together with you!” Pu Cunxin promised to the youth at the forum, “I will be a volunteer like you of Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022! Let us become sports population!”