Kenneth Fok at the Nanjing Youth Festival: Nanjing Is Familiar to Me

On 26, September, the first “Nanjing Youth Festival” will open in the ancient capital Nanjing. By that time, youth representatives from all over the globe will gather in Nanjing. This will be a pageant in the theme of culture, sports and peace.

The day before the opening, member of All-China Youth Federation Kenneth Fok arrived in Nanjing, starting to make preparations for the coming events.

As soon as he got off the plane, Fok had an interview with multiple media in the hotel where he stayed. He confessed, Nanjing was one of the most familiar cities to him in mainland China. During the Nanjing Youth Olympics last year, he spent entire two weeks here. As he said, "Nanjing is a city where cultural heritages are well reserved and modern life is in harmony with old city." He also told that he loved food in Nanjing, especially crayfish.

When talking about the approaching Nanjing Youth Festival, Fok suggested that he looked forward to it and disclosed the topic of his speech he would give the following day. “It is about sports industry and peace. Now the public perception about sports is limited to the elite sports players. Instead, we should pay more attention to the sports industry.”He thinks that the construction of sports industry will also bring benefits to the employment and life improvement of the youth.

As the husband of the well-known sports star Guo Jingjing, Fok smiled, “I feel happy when called 'the husband of Guo Jingjing'. After all, no one knew my name when I used to come to mainland.” When touching upon the topic of his son, he was even more pleased, “Like his Mom, my son is talented in sports. He has shown strong interests in football since two years old and can swim.”