Young Voice——Kenneth Fok

Kenneth Fok, born in Hong Kong, in 1979, whose ancestral home in Panyu, Guangzhou, is from a billionaire family. When he was in middle school, Fok, as a straight-A student, was admitted to Pembroke College in University of Oxford and graduated with dual bachelor degrees of economics and management.

After his graduation, Fok once worked as an analyst at Goldman Sachs and Salomon. In 2002, he returned to Hong Kong from Oxford. He did’t immediately enter his family enterprise. Instead, cooperating with a partner, he founded an enterprising consulting firm named MINT, aiming at helping Chinese enterprises with their further development abroad, helping Hong Kong and foreign enterprises to invest in China. In 2008, Fok took the position of vice president of Fok Ying Tung Group.

Fok holds many other positions, like the part-time consultant of Central Policy Unit and the member of All-China Youth Federation, etc. In March 2008, he was elected as the vice chairman of Panyu Youth Federation. Fok was a member of Hong Kong Sports Delegation of the Asian Games. His relationship with the Olympic Diving Champion Guo Jingjing was a beautiful love story and they held their wedding ceremony in Hong Kong in November 8, 2012.

Fok encourages the youth to strive and fend, “My belief is that young people can have their own dreams and goals. I hope we can take active participation in “encouraging people to do business creatively and drive innovation” and write a beautiful chapter for our future.”