Young Voice——Show Luo

Show Luo, born in Keelung Taiwan on July 30, 1979, is a Taiwanese male singer, host, dancer and actor.

In 2003, Luo released his first album “Showtime”. His albums “Rashomon”, “Lion Roar” were certified as Platinum Records which earned him the Biggest-Selling Album of the Year in Taiwan for 4 consecutive years. In January 2013, he started his “2013 Over the Limit” World Live Tour in Taipei Arena. As the first pop singer who stepped on the stage of Taipei Arena, Luo won many awards such as Most Popular Singer, Best Male Singer, Most Outstanding Artist, MTV Asia Awards, and Top 10 Selling Mandarin Albums, etc.

Luo starred in many TV series and became popular among audiences. He was nominated for Best Leading Actor in a Television Series of Golden Bell Awards for his performance in “Outsider II” and “Hi My Sweetheart”. In November 2014, he starred in the film “Mermaid” directed by Stephen Chow.

Apart from his involvement in films, TV series and music, he also hosted a Variety Programme named “100% Entertainment”, nominated for Best Host in a Variety Programme of the 50th Golden Bell Awards. This year, he joined the reality show “Go Fighting!” in Shanghai Dragon TV, and made a hit again.

Luo is enthusiastic about the cause for public good. He was elected as Antidrug Ambassador of Tainan Municipal Government in 2000 and acted as goodwill ambassadors and starred in public-service advertisements for many times. He also donated for the natural disasters, Wenchuan Earthquake and Gansu Debris Flow, etc. In 2013, he was entitled “The Outstanding Man of the Year” by “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Asia”.

With such popularity and outstanding in all fields of film, TV and music, Luo even has his own brands and best-selling books. Just as he said, “There is no need to worry about your future. Only when working hard can you feel safe.”