Young Voice——Mehri Madarshahi

Mehri Madarshahi worked at the United Nations for more than 26 years. After her retirement, she decided to reinvent herself and chose to become an impresario by promoting the magic of music as a vector for dialogue and communications among nations.

In this way, Melody for Dialogue among Civilizations Association was born in 2005.As the president, Mehri Madarshahi made a lot of efforts and become involved in international events. She won much attention and appreciation from all over the world, not for herself but for the association and for the global communication, such as the 2012 ASPEN Awards for Cultural Diplomacy in Tokyo and UNESCO’s 60th Anniversary Medal.

As far as she is concerned, music is one of the oldest forms of human communication. It is, in many ways, in the age of globalization, the most global aspect of the “global village”. To that end, the association intends to recognize music’s potential as a bridge between peoples and value its contribution to furthering a dialogue among civilizations, cultures and communities.