Young Voice——Simba

Simba, formerly called Zhuo Qiang, was born in Ziyang,Sichuan in 1973 and graduated from Sichuan University in 1996. “Simba” denotes lion in Swahili. He once made a joke about his name and called himself “a lion in human’s clothing”.

Simba, as the founder of Mara Conservation Fund and a wildlife conservationist, he walks with beasts all year round, leaving his footprints in more than 20 wildlife reserves in 12 African countries. He is the first Chinese full-time wildlife conservationist in Africa and the first Chinese who registered and founded a non-governmental organization in Africa.

At the age of 7 or 8, Simba watched a cartoon named “Jungle Emperor Leo” and kept dreaming of the African veld since then. Not until his first time to Africa in 2004 and felt shocked by the real lions did Simba realize that these lions without protection were in great danger and would soon become extinct. At that time he firmed his confidence to protect wildlife in Africa.

In 2011, to honor his contribution to the work of wildlife conservation in Masai Mara, Kenya Narok Government entitled Simba “Friend of Mara”. In 2014,United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP) and China Central Television(CCTV)jointly elected Simba as “Hero of Wildlife Conservation”. His story about animal protection in Africa has been made into many television documentaries by CCTV and other TV media.

For Simba, his home is a tent and his neighbours are wild animals like lions,elephants,giraffes,zebras and antelopes etc. He said, “It is my task to protect these animals and help them live safely and freely in the prairie.”At the same time he appealed to the public to jointly protect the environment and endangered wildlife.