Young Voice——Mark Lozano

Mark Lozano, aged 21, is a BS of applied economics from De La Salle University. He is not only a college student but also the founder and head of the project One Million Lights Phillipines. One Million Lights Phillipines(OML PH) is a nationally-awarded, youth-led, non-profit organization that improves the quality of life of Filipinos through better lighting. They provide clean, safe and affordable solar powered lights to impoverished communities around the country.

The story of One Millions Lights began after Mark came back from the Global Youth Leaders Conference. He met many people his age and was inspired to do something to make a difference. Despite many difficulties, he made One Million Lights Phillipines possible. In 2011, Mark and his team lit up a community in Phillipines with 250 flashlights. Today, they light up over fifty communities with over 11,000 solar powered lights, changing the lives of over 6,0000 Filipinos around the country.

What we can see is the real change that OML PH has brought to this country. Before when the sun goes down people can do nothing but rely on the kerosene lamps for some light. But the problem is that those lamps are harmful to human body and environment and costly. OML PH makes everything easy. It provides people with clean, safe and affordable lights. In this way, people’s lives were improved in all-round aspects. It is easier for children to study and for housewives to do washing at night. And no one would get into accidents because of the kerosene lamps fire any more.

One Million Lights Pillipines brings to people not only lights but also hope of life. Just as Mark said, “This project is important because I realized that I have the opportunity to improve lives, so now it has, in a way, become my responsibility.”