Young Voice——Luo Xiaojuan

Luo Xiaojuan, born in Dafeng,Jiangsu, is a Chinese fencer. In August 5, 2012, the London Olympics, Luo, with her teammates, won the first Women’s Epee Team gold medal for China, defeated the Korean team with a reversal score of 39:25.

Luo Xiaojuan got admitted to the Sports School of Dafeng City when she was 5th grade. The teacher arranged her as a member of the track and field team according to her physical characteristics.In 1996, she and another 10 girls formed the first Junior Women Fencing Team in Yancheng City. In October of the same year, Luo won the Women’s Epee Individual Competition in the 14th Youth Fencing of Jiangsu Province. In this way, she started her career as a fencer. She entered the Sports School of Jiangsu Province in 1997. In 1998 she was admitted to Jiangsu Fencing Team and then became a member of the National Fencing Team depending on her outstanding achievements. In 2005, Luo was entitled “Top Ten Youth of Yancheng”.

Luo Xiaojuan included individual and team championships in many competitions like the Asian Championships. In November 20, 2010, in the Women’s Epee final of the 16th Guangzhou Asian Games fencing competition, Luo defeated the Japanese athlete Nakano Kibou with the score of 13:10. It was the first gold medal that the National Fencing Team won in the Guangzhou Asian Games. After the competition, when asked to comment on her performance, she confessed in relief, “I displayed our strength and morale. It was a normal performance.”The belated gold medal broke zero in number of gold medal in the history of Asian Games, awaited by the Chinese fencing team for 20 years.

She has been walked in the road of fencing for 16 years and finally won the championship of Women’s Epee Team in 2012 London Olympics. She wrote a part of new history with a gold medal and did not let herself down. When standing with her sister teammates at the highest podium of the world, glory and fame flooding to her, she said, “I am still who I used to be, a athlete who loves fencing.”