Young Voice——Bi Feiyu

Bi Feiyu, was born in January 1964 in Xinghua Jiangsu. In 1987, he graduated from Yangzhou Normal College (now known as Yangzhou University). From the mid 80s of 20th century his career as a novelist started. Later many of his works were translated in multiple foreign languages and published abroad. Bi Feiyu is a contemporary writer and acts as the vice chairman of the Writer’s Association of Jiangsu Province. In March 2013, he worked as a distinguished professor in Nanjing University and at the same year founded “Bi Feiyu’s Literature Studio”.

Bi Feiyu has many representative works such as That Boy is Me, The Moon Opera, Flatland, The Flurried Finger, Blind Massage and so on. Many of the works won multiple prizes, Blind Massage winning the 8th Mao Dun Literary Prize, Woman at Lactation Period the first Lu Xun Literary Prize, Three Sisters the 3rd Lu Xun Literary Prize and the 4th Man Asian Literary Prize, and The Boy in Northern Jiangsu:Don Quixote entitled the Best Chinese Prose of the Year 2013.

When it comes to the theme of a novel, Bi Feiyu suggests that he is attracted to the bud sprouting from the soil instead of what unexpectedly dropping from the sky. So writers are supposed to throughly know and understand the world and secular huamn. What he hopes to see is that young people can have their dreams and love to daydream. Just as he said, “Do you know why I have been so passionate about writing by now? My answer is that writing is just daydreaming.”