Young Voice——Wu Jing

Wu Jing was born in Taixing, Jiangsu. She, still as a little baby of 15 months old, was diagnosed as having a retinoblastoma and deprived of sight of both eyes. When she was 7 years old, her parents sent her to the school for deaf-mutes in Yangzhou.

Wu Jing studied so hard both day and night that she was exceptionally admitted to Nanjing Foreign Language School as the first blind student in the history of the school. In the graduate year, 6 noted universities like Harvard University, Yale University and Stanford University were moved by her spirit of self-improvement and persistence, accepting her applications for admission and promising to offer full scholarship.

In 2007, Wu Jing chose to study in Montgomery, USA. A year later, following her heart, she decided to go to Sweden and study flute in the school of music. Thanks to the directions of well-known flutists in Swedish Royal Symphony Orchestra, Wu Jing made a rapid progress in playing the flute.

Since her childhood, Wu Jing has shown her talent for music and dreamed of becoming a musician. In August 2013, in “2013 Swedish Chinese Festival” which was held on King’s Park Stage in the center of Stockholm, Wu Jing played classic Chinese music Jasmine, Butterfly Lovers and so on. In September 2013, with her mentor JanBengtson and Swedish Royal Symphony Orchestra, Wu Jing held her solo concert “A Dialogue Between Northern Europe and China.”In May 2014, in “Wu Jing 2014 Eu-China Flute and Piano Inspirational Lecture Concert”, she adeptly performed five major movements--Gestation of Dream, Lighting of Dream, Departure for Dream, Imagination of Dream and Extension of Dream.