Young Voice——Cao Qingwan

Cao Qingwan was born in Luoyang, Henan province. She was a student in Nanjing University of the Arts and won the second place of Super Speaker Season One.

She lived in a soundless world since she was born and was detected severe nerve deafness at age 3. With the help of her mother, she use hearing aids and correct pronunciation everyday. From words to sentences, she has overcome a lot of difficulties in listening, speaking, reading and writing and gained the opportunity of studying in school as a normal person.

In 2001, she was awarded the “Model Disabled for self-reliance in Henan Province”. In the same year, she won the 1st of Enfant Group, the 4th China Youth International Ballroom Dancing Championship.

Cao is interested in broadcasting and hosting. She has studied systemic vocal training with professional teachers in Luoyang and Beijing before the College Entrance Examination. As a result, she entered in Nanjing University of the Arts majoring in film planning and production. She was activate in college, serving as a reporter and a video cutter in college TV station and organizing reading salon with friends.

She has been on the stage of Chinese Dream and Amazing Dance on dancing ability. In 2008, she performed sign language dance Hello, stars with 320 deaf-mutes from all parts of the country at the opening ceremony of the Bejjing Paralympic Games.

In 2012, she was invited by Super Speaker competing with the most articulate people with hearing aids. She said: “I decide to bravely take up the challenge in despite of pressure.” Finally, she won the second place. “I wanna be a persistent dandelion. I’ll be strong even growing up on inconspicuous land.”