Young Voice——Pu Cunxin

Pu Cunxin, whose ancestors once resided in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, was born in a drama family in Beijing in 1953. His father was a famous drama director and actor of Beijing People’s Art Theatre before retirement. Pu’s thoughts were deeply influenced by his father.

Pu Cunxin is member of the national committee of CPPCC and national first-level actor. in July 2015, he was elected chairman of China Theatre Association. During his many years of acting, Pu played roles in dozens of dramas, movies and TV serials, which won him many awards home and abroad. In 2000, he received the Most Popular Actor Award of the 7th Beijing College Student Film Festival due to his remarkable acting in the movie Bath; in 2001, Audience Favorite Actor Award of the 17th China TV Golden Eagle Award due to Glory Army; in 2005 and 2006, Best Actor Award of the 11th China Movie Awards, 25th Golden Rooster Awards and 13th Beijing College Student Film Festival due to movie A Bright Moon. In 2012, Pu won the Best Supporting Actor Award of the 12th Chinese Film Media Awards because his performance in Love for Life.

Since 1995, Pu began to turn his focus from movies and TV serials to dramas. He said he loves to play drama and happiness is the keyword of his drama life. His understandings and expressions in dramas make his spiritual life very happy. He is regarded as one of the several best drama actors in China and his representative dramas include Thunderstorm, Li Bai and Teahouse. He believes that drama performance should start from heart. One time, some audiences burst to laughter when watching the tragedy Thunderstorm, which made Pu very depressed. He was determined to further understand literature works and the authors’ intention.

Pu is also very enthusiastic in charity work. He is the first public figure in China to serve as a volunteer to spread knowledge about AIDS. He once walked into AIDS-riddled villages and brought laughter to the children there, danced and sang songs with young people in drug rehabilitation centers and listened to stories about an AIDS girl in Henan province.

Pu loves the stage and dramas. During the past years, he has been strict to himself as an actor with higher pursuits. He said: "Dramas help us to understand the world, history, society and human nature. The art helps us to know what is beauty."