Young Voice——7grani

1.Fabrizio Settegrani: Leading vocals, piano, acoustic guitars

2. Mauro settegrani: Electric guitars

3. Flavio Settegrani: Electric bass and mouth organ

4. Raffaele Kohler: Trumpet

5. Pauline Fazzioli: Harp

6. Luca De Alberti: Drums

7grani is a band playing Italian folk rock born in 2006 , who has been committed since years to projects involving themes like the Memory, the Second World War and the struggle against Nazism. 7grani use to introduce the projects to the schools by a concert and event, to sensitize the younger generations.

The song “ragazza di Nanchino” (girl from Nanjing) wants to tell the story of an Italian rock band focused from the very beginning of its story on the theme of the Memory. After reading Iris Chang’s book “ The Rape of Nanking "band discovered one of the most tragic forgotten Holocausts in history: the Nanjing massacre.

Following the idea to let Italy, Europe know the facts, the three brothers Mauro, Flavio and Fabrizio Settegrani composed a song mainly dedicated to the women who were victims of that tragedy.