Young Voice——Han Xue

Han Xue (born 11 January 1983, Suzhou, Jiangsu), also known as Cecilia Han, is a Chinese singer, actress and film-maker.

At the age of 6, Han studied singing at the Suzhou City Choir receiving art education. 6 years later, she left choir and tried to take part in many singing competitions of both provincial and national level awarding the Top Ten Singers in Jiangsu.

In 2000, Han won a gold award in “Century Star” National New Actor hosted by Jiahe Entertainment Limited, Hongkong, which opened the door of success in showbiz for her .And then she starred with Aaron Kwok and Cecilia Cheung in Jingle Ma's Para Para Sakura in 2001.

In 2005, Han starred in the TV series Mistaken Loves of a Life for which she won the highest ratings in CCTV 8 in first half year of 2005 and won the Most Attractive Actress in TVS Awards.

Afterwards, she starred in Underground, On the Ground, Entertainment Has No Circle, Code Thirteen, Come Home, Fall in Love with You, Ip Man, Lady’s Home and so on.

In 2007, Han performed on Spring Festival Gala as a singer and sang A Wind through the Bamboo Forest, a simple and catchy song, which was applauded by audience. In 2008, she acted a short sketch called Guard on the Street and let people know her versatility. She also won the third prize of language program in “My Favorite Program”.

In 2009, Han had her own studio. In 2010, she starred with Yang Lele in the TV series Entertainment Has No Circle, invested by herself. In June, 2013, Han created Lady’s Home as the film-maker and leading role.

In November, 2013, She pushed Xue Collection APP.

Han is beautiful and charming but she has a strong will hidden under her delicate appearance, which leaves impression to audience.